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CMS & Layout

Organising your content so that it always appears to your site visitors in a uniform manner is important. A content management system (CMS) facilitates all this. Custom post types are created for the topics, products or services you cater for. Each of these can have a set of custom fields that afford the management of of all the details that you want to present. 

On the back end, in the administrative dashboard for each item on your site, you will find forms designed to match your data entry needs. On the front end the values you entered in the backend are dynamically loaded by pre-built templates so you don’t need to worry about the layout every time you add something new to your site. 

As a freelance Toolset Contractor I have access to all the tools for managing inventories of any type on your website.

I’m For Hire

When your agency is overrun with work and you need someone to complete that backlog of projects, I’m available as a front-end web developer and designer, an extra pair of hands.

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