Leiko Felt

There were a number of challenges involved in implementing some of the features on this site. The final result is a joy to behold with the rich array of colours on the wool category pages. Leiko Uchiyama is a felt artist and designer from Sapporo, Japan. Now base in Ireland for a number of years, Leiko is unique in that she prepares wool, dyed and carded into wool rovings, specifically created for felt making. This site build was created to promote and sell this wool online. Leiko photographed and catalogued the wool in order so that it would appear in gradation through the full spectrum of colours on the site. The other unique aspect of the site is that it is bilingual. Instead of implementing a multilingual site, where a page in one language is synchronised to a different page in the other language, we went for placing both languages side by side. This lead to an interesting typographical design which blends a classical western approach to website design with the more busy style found on Japanese websites. In addition to the wool products, we set up a gallery page to showcase some of the unique designs and felt work by Leiko.
Website Type: Crafts Person
Client: Leiko Uchiyama
Pages: 242
Agency: Site Design
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