Let’s Cycle Ireland

This project was developed to support Irish tourism after the lifting of restrictions put in place for the COVID-19 pandemic. The main focus is on cycling itineraries in Ireland. The itineraries provide site visitors with useful information such as guide budgets for 1 to 3 days of cycling around Ireland. The cycling itineraries are divided into three categories, Classic Spins, Hidden Gems and Local experts. The main header has a signature image highlighting the spectacular views that will greet cyclist during their trip. Along with this is short summary, the main body of the itinerary give detailed information relating to the routes. The embedded Ride with GPS maps are interactive with pinned places of interest and a graph of the climbing elevations that cyclists will experience. The user can also go to the route on Ride with GPS where they can download the map to their GPS device. The itineraries were built with a custom post type, set up with custom fields for ease of data entry on the specification for the routes and days of the overall itinerary. These were implemented with subviews with repeating fields to allow for route variations and any number of days. The front end layout is rendered with a composition of Divi theme builder templates and toolset templates.
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