Liam Holden • Painting a Life’s Journey

This project was a rebuild of Liam's website to incorporate a full catalogue of his work categorised by year. Templates were created to best display each work, depending on wether it is in landscape or portrait format. The default WooCommerce product layout is bespoke facilitating the sale of giclée reproduction prints or sale of the original work by enquiry. The layout includes a hyperlink to a detail of the work in fullscreen format for full immersion in the work. To maximise a distraction free canvas for the paintings on the site, related work and the enquiry forms are only shown when the user activates them. The site presents Liam's passion for the sea and the Irish traditional boat the naomhóg. Not only do we see all the work relating to these but also the visual diary of the voyages on the sea taken by Liam and crew in the naomhóg he was involved in building.
Website Type: Artists Catalogue
Client: Liam Holden
Pages: 120
Agency: Site Design
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