Waterford Music

This project entailed a rebuild of a site for Waterford Music club with the aim of making it easier to manage the concert listings. The original site had all the concerts laid out using the block editor, all on one page. This led to the tedious task of moving the content of each concert down the page as each event date passed. For the new site I set up a custom post type for each event/concert. A set of custom fields was applied to the Event post type, thus making the addition of new concerts a more streamlined data entry exercise. A template is applied for the layout of the concert, displaying concert details dynamically from the back end, presenting ordered information in a uniform manner to the site visitor. For the listings I set up filtered views based on before and after TODAY() to separate upcoming concerts and a previous concert archive. A single instance view is used on the home page to display the next concert. Booking is implemented using embeds provided by Eventbrite so visitors never need to leave the site.
Website Type: Event Booking
Client: Waterford Music Club
Pages: 5
Agency: Site Design
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