Wild Atlantic Étape

This project was a rebuild of the event booking site for the Wild Atlantic Étape. As the front page states: One Unique Event, Two Great Events. The main goal was to improve the information flow and navigation to the tour date details and then on to converting site visitors to book and register a place on one of the tours. With the client's input we rethought how the event organiser would present the latest news. Instead of implementing a static news feed via the orthodox blog post we opted for the embed of social media feeds. For practical reasons this made more sense. The client Michael O'Boyle and staff spend a lot of their time on the road with the event participants, often on road bikes themselves. Realistically posting via WordPress wasn't going to happen, more likely a spontaneous moment via Facebook or Twitter can be delivered on the spot.
Website Type: Event Booking
Client: Pedal & Putt
Pages: 5
Agency: Site Design
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