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Everything in the right place, as it should be.

Presentation is key, where everything is placed across your website and, how this persuades your visitors to continue through to making a purchase, book a concert ticket or sign up for your services.

All this is considered when planning the structure of your site; the primary goals that get prominent attention, from the home page through to the checkout, booking or sign up form.

Artist’s Catalogue

As an artist your catalogue is a window to all your life’s work. Having it online is a very convenient way to get more eyes looking at it, wether it’s a catalogue raisonné or a record of past exhibitions. You can have your work categorised by the year it was made and, if you are a multidisciplinary artist, by medium.

Use your online catalogue as a tool for galleries to work with, a way for gallerists to show to show to their clients what they don’t have in stock. Of course you will want to show your site visitors where they see your work exhibited and ultimately get that sale.

Liam Holden Catalogue
Vaughanprint catalogue layout

Shop & eCommerce

Wether you are an artist or you work in the crafts industry, you may want to sell directly to your customers. Administering eCommerce can be a daunting task, with many moving parts and responsibilities, including having stock prepared for sale, fulfilment of orders, packaging and shipping etc. Preparing for all this, walking through all the logistics, takes time to master. It’s part of the managed service that I provide in helping you break out your shop online.

Leiko Uchiyama felt products


Showing all aspects of your product, all the visual details, is an important factor in exciting your audience, sparking curiosity and persuading them to purchase your work.

For example, if you are a painter, being able to show your canvas at it’s maximum size is important so site visitors can get up close and see the the details and texture in your work. Making a fullscreen immersive section somewhere on the page can be part of the visitor’s experience.

Product  layout Brid Lyons
Waterford Music Concert Listings mobile

Event Listings

Keep your audience in the loop with beautifully styled listings of all your upcoming events. Show a singular presentation of the next event on your homepage with an archive of past events elsewhere on the site. Have all this run dynamically, updating as each event finishes and the next one appears in the queue. Set up booking for these events directly in each listing for the convenience of your site visitors looking to attend your gig.

Showcase Your Work

Give your products massive exposure with bespoke presentations. Take your audience and potential customers on a deep dive into key aspects of your work, demonstrate the functionality of your product, outline in depth specifications of that product, or, if you are an artist, how about an extensive and immersive gallery of your masterpieces.

Footed Beech Bowl by Darragh Sinnott
Hospitality directory

Directories & Itineraries

Set up your enthusiastic adventurers with everything that they will need for their active pursuits. Give them a blow by blow account for every stage of their journey. Guide them with interactive maps that provide a heads up on great places to see, where to eat and rest up.

Cycle Friendly Clew Bay itineraries mobile

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